The Sensuality of Kathak Through The Eyes of a Courtesan

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The Sensuality of Kathak Through The Eyes of a Courtesan

The subtle smile sparkled the bright almond eyes. Eyebrow raised while the hands clasped under the cheeks. A swirl turned the body and split the hands into a gentle sway. The anklets jingled with the feet rhythmically merging to the tunes of the music. The large hall filled with art connoisseurs broke into resounding applause and appreciation.

A courtesan conveyed a story in her movements. Each expression so intricate to please the senses of her audience with finesse in music, poetry, and dance. ‘Kathak’ evolved as an art of storytelling describing the essence of Lord Krishna. Each movement narrated the quintessential qualities of God. It depicted the deeper meaning of spirituality hidden in the mythological tales, turk ifşa porno.

The temples provided the stage for dance performances offering worship to the Lord. The love chronicles of Krishna and Radha surrounded by Gopikas infused romance and admiration in the ambiance. With the advent of Mughals, the art became a ritual of entertainment to the Nawabs and courtesans were welcomed in the Royal courts to display their artistry.

The blending of two cultures altered the religious message of the dance form. The emphasis grew on sensuous and expressive movements. Laasya (elegance), Taala (rhythm) and Bhava (feelings) imbibed in the nature of the courtesans impressed ministers who witnessed the spectacular dance performances.

A courtesan meant intensely trained, highly committed and disciplined artiste who carried immense knowledge and fervour for perfection. Her deep involvement reflected a graceful body language, poise in communication and love in the smile. Kathak was the means to reach God, in the form of Jnana Yoga – surrendering yourself to God through intelligence. Get more help at

The British invasion side-lined the nobly respected courtesan and her brilliance in Kathak reduced to ignorance. Her consortium with Royals disparaged and she was banished to outskirts. A life of pride and dignity lost value, her mind conquered with fear and disappointment. The art that gave her life hid within the corners of her heart.

The courtesan did not suppress her art. She secretly danced, she pleased God and taught her children. No one realized her power, no one documented. Her legacy was passed on silently. She learned to smile from above, she was now safe in her mystic world. She blessed and forgave everyone. She showered her wisdom to flourish the art to newer generations.

And she became eternal.

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