Live & Learn at Krshala with Maestro Simran Godhwani

Krshala offers Kathak dance programs to interested, Indian, foreign and NRI students in the traditional Gurukul Parampara (residential training program with Guru) ensuring creative growth, celebration and inner exploration. The program provides a unique opportunity for creative individuals to develop their artistic journey in a spiritual atmosphere.

Offered for a period of 1 month it includes accommodation, prepared vegetarian meals, studio facilities and assistance in the visa process. The Gurukul program can begin on any date convenient to the artist.

Bangalore offers dynamic opportunities for cultural and artistic engagements, and artists can choose from a wide variety of excursions within the city during their stay here. The multi-layered and vibrant culture of the city leaves artists inspired to explore colour, form, and expression in new ways!


Eligibility: Kathak Students above the age of 8 years and can stay unaccompanied by their parents are welcome to engage in this program. Teenagers and adults from India and around the world who would like to learn Kathak are welcome to apply for the program. Artists, Musicians, Dancers who would like to offer a course or explore opportunities in their respective discipline are welcome to apply.

Duration: Minimum 7 days with a maximum of 30 days. All the courses offered will be certified.

Fee: The fee per day per person, inclusive of accommodation/studio charges and 3 vegetarian meals.

Applications: Applications are received throughout the year and reviewed weekly.

Selection Procedure: All applicants are required to fill in an application form which is reviewed by a panel.

Note: While the centre has private and shared studio spaces for general use, specific facilities include exclusive sound proof space for dancers and musicians.

For further details on accommodation, studios, facilities, and prices please contact us.