Kathak at Krshala is taught by Smt. Simran Godhwani. The style taught is the Lucknow gharana of Kathak passed down from her Guru from the Pt. Birju Maharaj Parampara.

The Kathak classes taught in Krshala are completely different and unique. The approach is one that has been structured after years of research, understudy, and from personal failures and successes of Simran during her own journey as a student. Going a step forward, Simrans teaching methods also include educating the students about improving their strength and power for dancing, footwork techniques and breathing techniques for chakkars, body flexibility and working to develop strong, graceful and articulate movements. Besides books written by various stalwarts of Kathak, Abhinaya Darpan, Natyashastra, Bhagvad Gita, the Shrimad Bhagvatam various other ancient texts and sacred books of our culture will be a part of the curriculum to establish a strong command in understanding this subject more deeply. The students will be trained extensively in various Taals, Music, introduction to tabla and will be given opportunities to participate in various workshops conducted by eminent dancers from around the world.

The Kathak courses are long-term and require equal commitment from parents and students. Admission is limited with only ten students per class. Beginning with an hour, it will increase in hours and intensity progressively and make available the option of dance as a profession over the course of many years, addressing the strengths and weaknesses of each student individually at every point.

The Kathak dance courses @ Krshala are structured and streamlined to follow the Pracheen Kala Kendra Syllabus and the International Certification rules and regulations laid down by the International Dance Council of UNESCO. All students enrolled for the Kathak program in Krshala are eligible for both these certifications.



Introductory batch for kids

Age Group: 3-5 years

Days: 2 days a week

Methodology: Movement Dynamics & Introduction to Indian Folk Dances


This is a beginner’s batch of Kathak students who will be introduced to the traditional Kathak practice in the Guru-Shishya parampara formally. All children will be enrolled to the university that we are affiliated to and will take the Kathak exams mandatorily.

Levels to be completed

Prarambhik – 1

Prarambhik – 2


This is a batch of Kathak students who should have trained with us or equivalent from any gharana for atleast two years or more and have participated in atleast two Kathak Elements and have mandatorily cleared the Prarambhik 1 & 2 exams and have received the university certificates of the same. This course takes a minimum of 4 to 5 years for its completion depending on the age of the students, their capability and regularity to the classes.

Levels to be completed

Kathak Nritya Bhushan – 1
Kathak Nritya Bhushan – 2
Kathak Nritya Bhushan – 3


This is a batch of Kathak students who have trained with us or equivalent from any gharana for at least seven years or more and have participated in atleast six Kathak Elements and have mandatorily cleared the Kathak Nritya Bhushan – 3 exam and have received the university certificates of the same.

Levels to be completed

  • Kathak Nritya Visharad -1
  • Kathak Nritya Visharad – 2
  • Kathak Nritya Prabhakar – 1
  • Kathak Nritya Prabhakar – 2


This is a batch for students who are past their twenties and would like to explore, learn, understand and be a part of the Kathak fraternity.

All students who will join this batch are encouraged to take all the Kathak exams and follow the course with equal dedication, rigour and practice as our regular Kathak students. All students of this batch are also encouraged to perform frequently for our various local and international festivals.


An exclusive combination of dynamic yoga postures with dance movements to explore, tune and be aware of one’s body and mind. The poses incorporated in this program is crucial to perform some very intense choreographies particularly related to the Tandav Nritya in Kathak.

All students who have completed NB – 1 are encouraged to undertake this program to improve flexibility, stability and concentration.

Taught by certified Yoga Instructor in the Bihar School of Yoga Tradition



Dance is one of the purest forms of human expression. It has been around for ages and is a great outlet for all kinds of people. At Krshala we use dance movement therapy for autistic children & downs syndrome to assist in the development of behaviours, emotions, and general movement patterns. We also helps them to develop social and communication skills through various movement patterns. These sessions comprise of a lot of interesting elements and fun, interactive games, creative dance, role playing and the usage of props. The various activities help improve concentration, body awareness and general motor skills. They improve their social skills and are able to express themselves better. Movement-based dance therapy is an effective form of therapy, primarily due to its sensorimotor integration. For children with Down syndrome, the benefits range from strengthening the mind–body connection to the improvement of development, health by encouraging them to keep physically active, and cognitive skills.

At Krshala, we pay attention to the details and intricacies of the child to formulate the best approach to help them adapt to doing the program in a way they are comfortable to approach it. We observe and understand each child and slowly get them to involve in our program.

Timings: Every Sunday 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Every session includes : minimum 4 – sessions.

Please call 9886759716 for more details


The regular classes are held on all days except Fridays. Fridays is the weekly off. For regular class time schedules for various groups please call us @ 9886759716 or 080-25633849