About Krshala


Krshala Dance Temple @ Thiruvannamalai

For the people, by the people There is no ‘I’ here, only ‘We’

A space for a dancer to explore his movements in tranquillity, for a singer to sing in the wilderness of the silence around and for an artist to paint his or her expression in solitude – where there is no ‘I’, there is only ‘We’… where the ‘We’ comprises of the trees, birds, trickling water everything around us!

Krshala Dance Temple is a unique dance space to foster creative and spiritual growth through dance, music and the arts for its seekers. There will be a variety of courses offered here and residential retreats in close communion with nature and with the community around us.

The Dance Temple is being constructed to foster creative and spiritual growth through dance, music and the arts for its seekers. Our aim is to attract world renowned teachers and international participants making this an ever-evolving sacred-space. We are attempting to make it a unique piece of space in which seekers from the realms of dance, music, arts, spirituality and social welfare come together, learn together and spread their knowledge together in synchronicity to the community around them.

Situated on the outskirts of Bangalore at the foot of the Arunachala Mountain, our ethereal space will provide a haven where seekers from all over the globe can come together to nurture their interests in Dance, Musicthe Arts. Our architecture will be a blend of contemporary design and organic bamboo-mud-thatch construction.

This space will have an in-house Krishna Arunachala Temple, a dance meditation hall, large dining hall, dorms/huts for residents/students to stay and other basic necessities. Simple and delicious home-made organic vegetarian food will be served.

We are looking for donations to help us develop this place. To know more about how our space and how you can help. Please write to us at krshaladancetemple@gmail.com.

We are registered as a non-profit organisation and our foundation is called the Anandaa Foundation.

Community Services @ our dance temple

Karuna – which means ‘compassion’ in Sanskrit – is the name of our social initiative to reach out to the various problems faced by the people of the Devanandal Village where our dance temple resides.

Our initiatives

  1. To be able to raise funds to raise awareness of the importance of wearing footwear and to assist or provide them the same.
  2. To provide atleast one meal to extremely impoverished families from this village and sadhus around.
  3. To provide voluntary skills to women, school drop-outs like dance, tailoring, farming, gardening and carpentry.