About Krshala

Simran Godhwani

The accomplished Kathak danseuse, Simran Godhwani is the Founder and Creative Director of Krshala Dance Theatre. The soul of Krshala, since its inception she has taken several noble initiatives for the promotion of Kathak in India and across the globe. She has played a phenomenal role in training and motivating the dance enthusiasts to take up professional Kathak and master in the traditional dance form.

Simran’s performances have won her accolades from the stalwarts of the dance arena in the world. Her unique ways of presentation and subtle expressions combining the classical essence of Kathak has immensely contributed to her perfect execution. Her teaching has been greatly influenced by her distinctive approach to empower the students in improving their strength for dancing to withstand the rigourous Kathak movements.

She has conducted Kathak workshops and lecture demonstrations in India, USA, Dubai, and Greece. Under her guidance, many students have successfully completed junior, senior levels and have also appeared for Kathak Visharad exams. Her impeccable training to students has enabled them to take up Rangapravesha to begin their professional journey in Kathak.

Simran has been the recipient of several prestigious awards including the Nrityashiromani award at Cuttack Mahotsav 2014 in Orissa. Along with her achievements in Kathak, she has represented herself as a powerful messenger for womanhood in beauty pageants. She has been crowned Miss Lady Universe at Portugal in 2018 and Mrs. India- The Empress of Nation, was the First – Runner Up at Mrs. India – The Empress of the Nation.

Last but not least, Simran has worked relentlessly in creating awareness about the positive effects of dance and movements for the children diagnosed with Down’s syndrome. In her experience as a dance teacher to children, she has transformed the lives of many children with Down’s syndrome inculcating discipline and providing a channel of expression through dance.

Simran was trained under Shri Murari Sharan Gupta, the renowned Kathak dancer and the disciple of Pandit Birju Maharaj.

Sri Murari Sharan Gupta

Sri Murariji addresses himself as the eternal student and a learner. He is a committed teacher and a passionate performer. While he has a strong footing in Kathak, he has set his influence on Kalari Payattu and other various contemporary dance forms. He has been motivating and grooming his disciples to strive and rise higher in the world of Kathak.

The renowned Kathak exponent and the proud disciple of Pt.Birju Maharaj, Sri Murari Sharan Gupta is the mentor and co-founder of Krshala Dance Studio. His dedication towards Kathak began at a very early age observing his brother immerse in intense practice rituals. The two-decade-long association with Kathak makes him the most sought after Kathak persona in India. He has travelled all over the world to several reputed International Dance festivals and his performances are critically acclaimed.

Sri Murariji is ultimately focussed towards the promotion of cultural dance forms and has founded Samam, Centre for Movement and Dance to teach Kathak and various other dance forms. He derives genuine happiness and contentment in providing dance classes to the underprivileged children. He has established the NGO wing of Samam to provide opportunities to true dance enthusiasts.

Teaching Assistants

Paridhi Agarwal

A final year commerce student at the National Public School. Paridhi is a disciple of Smt. Simran Godhwani for the past 12 years. She has completed her Nritya Visharad and completed her Kathak Rangapravesh performance from Krshala Dance Theatre in June 2019. Her Rangapravesh performance was applauded and she was praised for her abhinaya as well as technical abilities. She has also attended the Pt. Birju Maharaj workshops through Krshala Dance Theatre and organized by Samam in the years 2015, 2016 & 2018. She represented Krshala Dance Theatre in various dance festivals around the world.

Besides Kathak she is also passionate about Bollywood, hip hop and other free and modern dance styles. She won accolades for her Kathak performances in Bangkok, Prague and is also the winner of various inter and intra school competitions in several dance forms both group and solo. She is pursuing her Nritya Bhaskar and is a Teaching Assistant currently at Krshala.

She is also very sporty and loves basketball, football, throwball, badminton, table tennis, fashion, theatre, track (short and long distance), swimming, art. An all rounder who is an ideal example to lead the younger generation. She aspires to take up kathak professionally along with her other academic pursuits.

Yuktha Pawar

A science student from the Freedom international school has been with Krshala since the age of 5 years. She has been learning under Smt. Simran Godhwani for over 14 years. She is pursuing her Nritya Visharad and has travelled across the world and India representing Krshala in various dance festivals and competitions. She is extremely dedicated and hard working. She is looking forward to be presenting her Rangapravesh soon. She is a Teaching Assistant currently at Krshala.

She has also attended the Pt. Birju Maharaj workshops through Krshala Dance Theatre and organized by Samam in the years 2015, 2016 & 2018. She took part in the Cultural Olympiad of performing arts {Bangkok 2015}, Saptarang Cultural festival {Nanded, Maharashtra 2016, Kathak Dance festival {Dubai 2017} and the NPDF festival in Prague 2015. She performed in 2018 for the World Congress of Dance initiated by the Council for International Dance in Athens, Greece, SMARK International Dance Festival {Dubai 2018} and the World Congress Dance {Dadar, Mumbai 2019}.

She has won various kathak dance competitions in India and abroad, 2nd runner up in NPDF Prague, winner of Floor’D’15 – Dance wars in Bangalore {2015}, Kathak Dance Festival – Dubai {2017}, SMARK International Dance Festival -Dubai- winner for intermediate category {2018} to name a few. In her dance presentations, her technique, strong footwork sensibilities and abhinaya have been appreciated. She is both a successful group dancer and soloist.

Besides Kathak she also dabbled in learning Bollywood, freestyle dances and Bharatanatyam. She is also passionate about Basketball, track, throwball, Olympiads and other competitions. An all-rounder whose sincerity and unflinching commitment are the traits that we hope will inspire the younger lot to reach their pursuits in life. She aspires to become a doctor.

Anvi Daga

A final year commerce student from The Valley School, Bangalore. Anvi is a disciple of Smt. Simran Godhwani for the past 12 years. Anvi is an aspiring dancer. With her forte being abhinaya, extreme flexibility and grace she is all set to shine in the world of dance. She is pursuing her Nritya Visharad and is all set to complete her Kathak Rangapravesh soon from Krshala Dance Theatre.

She has performed at various National and International level dance competitions and has won accolades for her performances. She has won prizes in Prague and in Bangkok for her various performances. Her expressions and ability to present a range of varied complex emotions is what makes her dance very unique.

She is also passionate about ballet, volleyball and football. Her immense dedication to the dance form is what makes her a very lovable teaching assistant. She is a favourite amongst the youngest group of budding Kathak dancers of Krshala.